When do I have to switch to maternity wear?

Most of them can already be worn at the beginning. As soon as your normal clothes stretch or when you can't close your button anymore, it's time to switch to maternity clothes. You don't have to wait until you have a belly. 

Which size do I have to choose?

In maternity wear you can keep the same size as for your usual clothes.

Do maternity clothes last till the end of the pregnancy?

Maternity wear is designed with the ability to adjust the tightness of the clothes which in any case are made of a material containing a certain elasticity.

Maternity fashion has become so trendy that you also can wear maternity clothing after your pregnancy.

Do you sell feeding clothes?

We have lots of nursing bra's and nice feeding dresses or T-shirts.  You can find them easily thanks to the hangers with a straw.  Night dresses and pyjamas always fit for feeding. 

Can we order online?

There are no shipments. Since the body of the future mum is changing it's better to try on clothes. If you find identical item at a lower price online, we immediately adapt our price instore by applying the same discount. 

Do you have large sizes in Maternity wear?

At Kangourou you’ll find clothes up to size 56. Although you have to take into account that the higher the size, the less choice you’ll have.